Isaac Silva
From hidden scars to stories of support and pride
Every hour, a LGBTQIA+ person is attacked in Brazil. In order to change the narrative regarding this violence, which had been kept under wraps for years, we brought their scars to a stage everyone watches: the fashion world.
Isaac Silva, the greatest LGBTQIA+ fashion designer in Brazil, launched a special collection in which every item has a single-colored detail, in the exact location of the real scar on a real person. Through NFC technology, everyone could tap the smartphone on the clothes and reveal the stories of support, love and resilience behind each scar. The stories led to a support hub for the LGBTQIA+ community, offering warmth, psychological counseling and legal advice.
The collection was sold in physical stores, around São Paulo, and in e-commerce across the country, with profits reverted to Casa Neon Cunha, a NGO that advocates for the cause.
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